About Gigi Cargo

We provide dedicated, express and Milk Run service for local companies – especially with medical background. Since 2008 we support two huge medical productions in local area – Oticon/DGS/Demant and Radiometer Medical. Oticon/DGS/Demant was a huge challenge as that company grew up very rapidly within its supply chain. We had to keep pace with that.


On the other hand Radiometer Medical was very demanding company in terms of timing and fragile items we carried for them. Our service is based on the 4 – 8 and above 18 pallet trucks with max loading capacity of 1200 - 20500 kg. Apart from that we can offer also other trucks with higher loading capacity. We have several years experience in working with manufacturing facilities from their very beginning of production activities.


Due to the experience in working in several manufacturing facilities around Poland on Project Cargo programms we can provide 3PL service with capacity of 30 - 50 trucks a week, tailored made for specific requirements.


We are also able to perform RFQ/RFP process and different Optimization Analysis - Heat Maps etc.



Fleet & Capacity

Our fleet consists of 60 different  trucks - for instance  among those loading capacity of 1200 kg and space capacity for 4-8 Euro pallets.  We have also trucks with loading capacity of 5.5 Tons inner space of 7.6 x 2.48 x 3.0 m and capacity for 18 Euro pallets. In case of any special request we are able to subcontract any requested by customer truck.


We are specialized in High Customized Projects where within short lead time we can delivery added value to customer based on their indyvidual demand.


We work with reliable subcontractors certified in  ISO 28000 or any other reliable standards to secure the capacity and standard within agreed process.


The total capacity of our fleet is around 60 Trucks (as of June 2023) due to strategic alliance signed up with local suppliers - transport companies.



13.6 x 2.45 x 2.75/3.0
volume 90/100 cubic m
carrying capacity: 24 tonnes
number of EUR pallets: 33



2 x [7.8 x 2.48 x 3.0] m
volume: 118 cubic m
carrying capacity: 24 t
number of EUR pallets: 38



7.8 x 2.45 x 2.6 m
volume: 50 cubic m
carrying capacity: 6 t
number of EUR pallets: 18



sizes: 4.2 x 2.1 x 2.3 m
volume: 20 cubic m
carrying capacity: 1.5 t
number of EUR pallets: 8
We also possess 10-pallet trucks: 4.8 x 2.1 x 2.5h m



sizes: 4.75 x 1.6 x 1.8 m
volume: 14 cubic m
carrying capacity: 1.5 t
number of EUR pallets: 7

Secure Supply Chain


GiGi Cargo sp.j.

Plac Rodła 8-11 pok. 1811, 70-419 Szczecin  


Founder - Mobile: +48 604 633 531





Your Benefits

Time reliability 

On-time delivery of customer products where you do not have to reschedule activities on the production floor caused by late transport.


Quality assurance

our well experienced employees knows how to handle with all kind of cargo. Our fleet is based on up to 3 years trucks. We have 6 years experience of working in “Just in time” environment.



prepared quicky based on your needs


Quick response time

in any case we can trace our fleet, your cargo and quickly respond to your questions



Since 2008 hand in hand with rapidly growing production facilities in “just in time” environment and permanent time pressure


Telematics - TMS

We have full Telematics on board our fleet for transport management purposes 


Telematics - Temperature Control Environment

We have experience since 2008  in working with temperature control environment with our medical customer.

Regular and Express Services

Regular services are based on dedicated transport tailor made to customer needs – where we can offer apart from transport handling activities on the customer premises.


Express services means quick transit time based on reliable fleet of trucks and drivers.

Milk run Services

Milk run scenario – it helps to optimize supply chain and is dedicated for just in time deliveries – material flow rule. Inventory of end items goes from manufacturing facility to distribution centre and consequently on the way back we pick up components from suppliers.


Such set up gives our customers attractive price per parcel/kg, on time deliveries and flexibility in supply chain in case of any abnormalities. This gives us also opportunity to quickly act on customer needs.


Milk run scenario is also cost efficient once we compare it on the transit time level or per carried kg or volumetric weight.

ISO 28000 Secure Supply Chain

ISO 28000 applies to any organization that is part of a local, national, 
or international supply chain. And since almost all organizations belong 
to a supply chain, it applies to virtually all organizations. It doesn’t matter
what size they are or what they do. ISO 28000 applies to both exporters 
and importers. It applies to airports, seaports, and terminals as well as 
to organizations that move products by air, sea, rail, or road. It applies 
to logistics, storage, transportation, and service companies as well 
as to manufacturers, shippers, wholesalers, and distributors.


ISO 28000 helps us to establish and maintain a security management
system (SMS), improve the overall security of supply chain and inspire the

trust of our customers. Not only can ISO 28000 help us to preserve the integrity

of your shipments and safeguard your customers’ valuable property, it can also

help you to protect personnel. When properly implemented, an ISO 28000 SMS

will not only decrease disruptions and shorten transit times, it can also help us

to reduce theft and combat smuggling, piracy, and terrorism.

Since ISO 28000 is a generic security management standard, it will 
support and provide a foundation for all of our security initiatives. 
Because it’s a generic security standard, it will also help us to 
comply with all other national and international security programs 
and requirements. An ISO 28000 SMS will help us to comply with:

•  US Customs-Trade Partnership Against 
   Terrorism (C-TPAT) security requirements.

•  World Customs Organization (WCO) 
   SAFE Framework security requirements.

•  Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) security requirements.

•  International Maritime Organization (IMO) International 
   Ship and Port Facility security requirements.

•  EU Authorized Economic Operator 
   (AEO) security requirements.

Efficient & Secure

We offer top notch service based on many years of experience in “Just in time” environment and production facilities in rump up phase.


We have full insurance coverage for our activities audited by external Insurance entity in order to comply with all necessary regulations and customer demand.



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Customs clearance

We provide customs clearance services based on experience from 2014.